About Closing Tree


Closing Tree has one mission: To create a simple, effective, and intelligently driven experience for our clients.

Our motto reflects our mission: The way real estate should be.

Closing Tree is a real estate firm created by brokers who became brokers because they wanted to be the best real estate agents in the business by focusing on clients.  Instead of focusing on selling ourselves to get more clients, we decided to put our focus on actually selling your property or helping you buy your dream house based on your terms.  Flexible contracts, affordable pricing, and a standard of excellence are just some of the things we as former clients wanted in our real estate agents, and that’s what we’ve embodied in Closing Tree.

Technology and innovative thinking are at the forefront of our business practices.  Challenging the status quo for the betterment of agents and clients for the good of the real estate community are a standard practice.


At the foundation of our company we rely on real estate brokers who understand that clients are our top priority.  These brokers must possess the integrity and professionalism that is expected of someone brokering what is most precious to most people.

At Closing Tree we wanted to spend less time telling everyone we are better.  We decided to spend more time just being better, because that’s what clients deserve. Our brokers are given the blueprints needed to live up to the highest standards that are humanly possible while representing a real estate firm.

When we made the business plan for Closing Tree, brokers were involved in our thinking, too.  Less fees and higher commission splits along with state of the art tools to support sales mean more brokers who are thrilled to work for us, and more clients who benefit from those practices.

Through teamwork and dedication we strive to create a simple, effective, and smart way to run a real estate brokerage.  Closing Tree has a strict vetting process for brokers who want to represent our firm.  If you think you have what it takes to represent Closing Tree, contact us to start the interview process.